Flying X Ranch Overview

Partnership sales listed on this website, unless otherwise noted, are for one Partnership share in Guide Rock Ltd., a Wyoming Limited Partnership Corporation, entitling the purchaser and his/her family to year-round access (weather permitting) and use of the Flying X Ranch—a private recreational ranch that provides horseback riding, world-class big game hunting, excellent fishing, cabins, and much more. This truly is a rare and unique opportunity to participate in owning part of a scenic western ranch.

Note that any offering here is not an invitation to visit the Ranch. If you are interested in a specific prospect, you must coordinate with the seller for Ranch visits and due diligence. Again, the Flying X Ranch is not open to the public and you must be a Partner or a guest of one to be on the Ranch.

The Flying X Ranch is a huge recreation ranch of approximately 23,800 acres in the southeast corner of Wyoming. Of the nearly 24,000 acres, 18,000 are deeded and 5,800 are BLM-leased acres. It is owned and run by a Limited Partnership of 311 Partner shares. This is not a timeshare! This is an adventure in a continuing vacation opportunity of a lifetime. You come and go whenever you please, staying almost year around if you want (because of harsh weather conditions, January and February stays are discouraged).

Look through the sale and lease opportunities on this site for the prospect of purchasing or leasing a full-use Partnership of a private ranch/sportsman paradise without closing costs, processing fees, lawyers, or realtors. There is a simple process of transfer of Partnership share certificate and approval of the board of directors.

Where is the Flying X Ranch?

The Ranch is located 184 miles north of Denver, 92 miles from Cheyenne, and about 30 miles southwest of Wheatland, Wyoming (799 Halleck Canyon Road, Wheatland, WY 82201 -- look it up on Google Maps for map and satellite views). Wheatland and Laramie are the closest towns providing medical, shopping, and other needs. Denver, Cheyenne, and Casper offer commercial air service. The Ranch is located in the Laramie Mountains at an elevation of between 6,100 and 7,400 feet.

Unspoiled, Untamed, and Untouched

Under the astonishingly blue sky of southeastern Wyoming there is a tract of unspoiled, untamed wilderness virtually untouched by the rest of the world. It is huge: over 23,000 acres. Here the deer and antelope still play. So do the elk and coyotes. Fat trout swim in the lakes with over twenty miles of streams. Rabbits scurry across meadows. Eagles soar above canyons. Bobcats prowl scenic mountain tops.

The bulk of the land today is still almost exactly as it was when the U.S. Calvary rode and camped here, and cowboys and Indians played for real.

This is not a national forest or state park. For more than a century it was a private ranch, carefully preserved by generations of the same family. Now, this 36 square miles of raw, rugged beauty, completely surrounded by fence, is a private retreat with limited ownership. The Flying X Ranch is a Partner-owned LLC. The purpose is not development, but to provide a private retreat for people who love the land and deeply respect it. The Flying X Ranch is not a sub-division, instead, each owner Partner has equal ownership and full use of the property and all facilities.

Enjoy horseback riding, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and more. Bring your ATVs, RV, and horses! Enjoy camping in your own tent, RV, or use one of the rustic Ranch cabins when you take your family to the Ranch for an enjoyable vacation or weekend getaway.

The Flying X Ranch is for the sole use and enjoyment of its Partners and their guests; it is not open to or will ever be available to the public. The goal of the Partnership will never be the selling of the Ranch for profit or for development. The purpose is to provide a private retreat for people that enjoy horseback riding, fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, or that just love the outdoors and want to preserve a large section of nature's beauty. This truly is a step back to the Old West and will remain that way forever. All Partnership shares are owned privately and what is displayed on this website is OBO.

Single shares are one of only 311 owner and voting shares of the Flying X Ranch Limited Partnership. At this time there are around 260 owners because some families own several shares to accommodate children and other relatives. The Ranch will never be crowded or overrun with people.

Where else can you provide recreation and freedom for your children away from the dangers of today's urban settings? This has been and will continue to be one of the finest places to raise your children with the adventure of the outdoors and respect for its preservation.

There is a full-time staff—including Equine Forewoman, Ranch Manager, Ag Manager, and Facilities Manager—to oversee the day-to-day operation of the Ranch. As a Partner, your job is to enjoy it.
Here are some of the assets that you will own and enjoy as a Partner:

  • 23,800 acres, approximately 36 square miles of stunning Wyoming land in the Laramie mountain range.
  • A herd of some 80 and more horses, many owned by the Ranch, others brought in by Partners. Ride the Ranch horses on wrangler-led rides or board your own at insanely low cost (as low as $25 each per month during the summer season). The Ranch provides full-time and seasonal wranglers.
  • Arrowhead hunting.
  • ATV/motorcycle track and established dirt roads.
  • Bingo.
  • Bird watching.
  • Breakfast/brunch cookouts.
  • Camping/backpacking: bring your tent and pick a spot on 23,800 acres! Secluded and private.
  • Eight lakes, stocked with large trout and ready for your favorite lure. No fishing license required on our lakes (a Wyoming license is required to fish the streams).
  • Heated swimming pool, stables, and Ranch House with full kitchen facilities and recreation rooms.
  • Hiking.
  • Kids play area, tree swing, and tree fort.
  • Miles of streams: fishing, tubing, wildlife watching.
  • Mountain biking.
  • Overnight horseback rides and campouts.
  • Recreation rooms with television, pool tables, foosball, and ping pong.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Rustic sleeping cabins for you or your guests. Typically, $30 per night for most.
  • RV lots and manufactured home lots: available to purchase once you become a Partner as they come onto the market.
  • Square dancing, live bands, and special events.
  • Swimming pool: indoor and heated.
  • Target shooting (rifle and pistol ranges) and trap shooting.
  • The perfect place to raise children.
  • World-class hunting for elk, deer, and antelope.

History of the Flying X Ranch

The Flying X Ranch is an exclusive, privately owned ranch set in the scenic Laramie Mountains and is maintained to accommodate the recreational needs of its Partners. The Ranch was originally part of the McGill Ranch, homesteaded in the 19th century. Several old homestead sites and the ruins of a one-room school are still visible, and a number of tipi rings mark the campsites of earlier inhabitants. The US cavalry frequently crossed the original ranch, using the historic Guide Rock as a landmark. The Ranch was purchased from the McGill family in 1973 and the Flying X Ranch was born. The Ranch currently has a full-time professional management team and seasonal and part-time help as required. The kitchen is available for Partner use and is the centerpiece for Ranch and Partner-sponsored meals.

In addition to normal maintenance and upkeep, the Ranch maintains its own horse herd and regularly stocks the lakes with trout. Fishing has been superb and in 1990 a 10 lb. 4 oz., 31-inch Rainbow trout was caught. You can also board your own horses at very attractive rates.


In addition to the approximately 36 square miles of land, other Ranch assets include cabins, eight lakes stocked with trout, a large horse herd, ranch house with entertainment and dining facilities, playground for the kids, game room, two indoor heated swimming pools, horse barns, saddle barns, ranch vehicles, hay implements and heavy equipment, staff housing, a mobile home park, and developed areas for RVs and camping. High producing wells provide water, and REA provides electric power. Gasoline and propane are stored and sold for Partner convenience.
There are 24 rustic cabins (with a central bathhouse and laundry) which can be rented by the night. Most cabins are $30 per night. Cabin space is almost always available, even for those last-minute travel plans. Or, bring your RV or tent and camp out.

The purchaser will receive the Flying X Ranch Rules & Regulations, By-laws and Limited Partnership Agreement. All transfer paperwork (application and acknowledgement forms) will be sent to you. These must be filled out and returned to the seller or the Ranch. Once payment is received, a Partnership Transfer Authorization will be completed by the seller, assigning the Partnership to you. You will then be sent a share certificate from the Ranch. Review the information provided on the Ranch website at – you can also review and download many of these forms from the site. Click here to download and read The Flying X Ranch FAQ, a document containing all those burning questions and equally hot answers you've been aching to ask about the Flying X Ranch.

Additional Information

If you are interested in purchasing a Partnership in the Flying X Ranch, there are several things that you should know. Before making a purchase, it is your responsibility to know all the rights and responsibilities associated with being a Partner. The following are highlights; please refer to the rules and regulations, by-laws, and Partnership agreement for detailed information.

  • Cabins are available for rent by Partners on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Partners do not own any land individually. All land is owned by the Ranch. A Partnership is a share in a corporation that owns the property.
  • Partnerships do not automatically come with mobile home or RV lots: unless specifically included by the seller, those are separately bought and sold once you become a Partner and are based on availability and market price.
  • The Flying X Ranch is "old west" rustic with basic services. It is not a luxury resort or dude ranch. If you are looking for a place that will cater to your every whim, the Flying X Ranch is definitely not it.
  • The seller of a Partnership unit retains 100% of the purchase price. The Ranch has no vested interest in the sale of a Partnership unit. These are private transactions, OBO.
  • There is currently an annual assessment of $2,040 that can be paid on a monthly basis ($170) to fund the Ranch staffing needs, infrastructure, horses, fish stocking, and maintenance. Hunting preserves can cost you much more than $3,000 annually, without any amenities at all.